We understand the frustration of HomeOwners who pay deposit for their projects while contractors either delay the job or often run away with the deposit money. Though this is NOT a common practice among accredited contractors, HomeOwner have seen and are experiencing highly unplesant acts on regular basis.

Free Financing

Considering the fear and feeling of insecurity among HomeOwners while entering into a renovation contract with a contractor, at BANAYEE HOMES we care for our clients and build a relation of trust and confidence. Therefore, we take a different approach and offer to pay for all consultation, professional and licensed labor and materials needed for the project. Our payment terms are easy and to the best interest of our clients. We DO NOT get funds in advance, while we are paid ONLY if OUR clients are satisfied and approve the work.


We named our approach FREE FINANCING. Through this approach, we provide our clients with trust, confidence, professional services and peace of mind. We took this approach because we trust our knowledge, expertise, our team and have full confidence in our workmanship to deliver what we promise to our clients. Therefore, we have no hesitation to invest in our client’s project and be paid later. Our FREE FINANCING approach includes the following:

  1. Our team of professional renovation and construction specialists provide FREE first time consultation and home visit. The consultation will include Job Analysis, FREE design, construction and material advice.
  2. After project sign off and approval, we mobilize our tools, machinery, material and labor and start the project based on a comprehensive project schedule. Our clients pay NOTHING as a deposit. We finance our clients’ project and get paid LATER.
  3. WE DESIGN & WE BUILD. We offer a complete and comprehensive package, which include Design, Permit Application, Municipal Approval and Construction. We offer ONE-STOP-SHOP where our clients DO NOT have to spend time running around to get pieces of job done by different entities. 
  4. The client pays progress payments. We get paid based on our payment terms, ONLY if the job meets or exceeds building code requirements, satisfies industry’s best practices and is approved by our client.
  5. Our team conducts QC on a daily basis and we incorporate third party inspections such as Municipal Approval to ensure that our clients are satisfied and confident that the job is done aligned with all standards.

We trust our clients and are open to establish a long-term relationship of trust and confidence. Therefore, to protect ourselves, we would only request our clients to provide us proof of availability of funds for the job BEFORE we sign off the project.

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