Interior Designs and Renovations

Interior Designs and Renovations

Home Renovation not only helps make your home comfortable and desirable for you to enjoy your warm and pleasant moments with your family, but also is an investment that makes the most sense for resale value. Home Renovation gives you a second chance to plan your space according to your new social and professional needs arising from the new developments in the world.

You might have space that you either don’t use or underutilize it, furthermore, many of those activities that used to take place outside are currently taking place inside the home and will continue to be this way in the future. Therefore, we recommend rethinking how you use your current space.

If you have an unfinished basement and need more square footage, consider finishing it off and making it a space for health and fitness like a massage, yoga, or weight room.
Renovation of attic and garage spaces can turn these spaces into office or studio space, allowing you to work in a space separate from the main home.

How to design and renovate interior?

Consider the Followings as Your Preparation Phase

  1. Make up your mind and identify your home renovation’s ultimate goals.
  2. Make your project plan.
  3. Make your project budget.
  4. Make a project schedule with timelines for every step of the project.
  5. Seek advice from BANAYEE HOMES renovation experts on every step of your project. We provide our customers First Time Free Consultation to help you better understand your project.
  6. Read our blogs we have prepared for your DIY projects to understand the techniques, the science and the technology of doing most of the work yourself.

Not sure where to begin? Here are the renovations and remodeling tips that our team from interior renovations Hamilton and interior design Hamilton suggests for you.

Home Office An Essential Space to Have

The pandemic and its implications on current job trends has tremendously changed the future perspective of jobs in the offices. Currently most people are working remotely. Therefore, a home office may ultimately become indispensable. Even as businesses and offices reopen, many companies and government offices have made a conscious shift to a work-from-home hybrid model that only requires employees to come into the office a few days a week or entirely work from home.”

It is the time to think of turning a nice and pleasant space in your home into an office. However, if your home simply does not have enough space to build out a home office, we suggest being creative with what you have, you may take off sliding closet doors and turn a guest bedroom closet into an office.

Give your Space a Personal Feel by Painting It

To give your space a personal feel, we recommend giving your walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint to upgrade the space. After all, paint is temporary, so this project is a low-cost way and an opportunity to give your home a truly personal feel without impacting resale value and make a huge impact.

Not sure, what colors you want to use? Ask yourself how you want to feel in the room you are painting. Generally speaking, lighter colors will help brighten a room and make it feel a little bigger and more light-filled, while darker colors can help you lean into the small footprint by making a space feel a little cozier. Ask BANAYEE HOMES interior designers to help you choose the right color for your space.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of your house and have always been the sole reason for homes being sold. Having a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful is an increasing priority. The buyers of your home look at the kitchen not just for its appearance, but functionality for cooking multiple meals a day and storing excess supplies and food.

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, we recommend adding a pantry if possible since every one of us is conscious of the ability to store extra food and pantry items these days.

In terms of aesthetics, we recommend using the same stone for the backsplash and countertop, as well as boxing out the kitchen hood as it gives the kitchen a clean and streamlined modern look.

Sprucing Up Outdoor Space

Being confined inside our houses due to recent health issues and pandemic threats, the outdoor space of our houses has become much more valuable to enjoy the evening breeze and the sunny days of summers. Looking forward, outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly valuable and important for a resale value and for getting the most out of those spaces. Therefore, we recommend maximizing its usability and appearance, which adds value for a future sale.

Our real estate experts emphasize that if you plan on selling your home in the next few years, adding shade/rain covers, as well as  heating and outdoor kitchens, interlocking, landscaping and hot tub space are smart investments. We recommend considering adding extra seating such as built-in benches with colorful cushions for all your socially distanced hangs.

Soundproof to Maintain Your Privacy   

Adding soundproofing to rooms and floors can make a big difference in maintaining sound within your space and avoid the sound of kids playing and the music from other rooms distracting your attention while studying or working from home.

BANAYEE HOMES team of building science experts recommend identifying your need of soundproofing your space and utilize the latest construction technology, material and expertise to achieve your desired quiet and private spaces, as we know that people more than ever need privacy and quiet space.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathroom upgrades and renovation not only makes your life better in the short term, but boost future resale value. Adding a freestanding soaking tub and big rain showers give your washroom more spa-like look and feel.

Considering the recent shortage in toilet paper and the cost in today’s market, it is easy to understand why this makes a lot of sense to install a bidet to reduce the use of toilet paper. The recent studies indicate a high interest in bidets this year, from low-tech options with no heat to high-tech toilet seats.