1. What is the investment in Banayee Homes?

Investment is an amount of money or a real property that is invested in any aspect of BANAYEE HOMES by its legal owner (the investor) in the business of buying, construction, and sale of real estate properties.

2. Can I have a partnership with BANAYEE HOMES if I have piece of Land?

Yes, if you have a piece of land and want to develop it, BANAYEE HOMES can partner with you in the following ways:

  1. BANAYEE HOMES shall pay the cost of design and construction of the house on the land. You will be entitled to receive the cost of land and your profit proportionate to the amount of money to the cost of land after sale of the house.

3. Who is the investor?

  1. The investor is an independent individual or a business entity who has all the legal rights and agrees to invest his/her money or a real property in business of buying, construction, and sales of real estate properties.
  2. The investor understands and agrees to share the profit or loss of his/her investment on The Property proportionate to the amount of his/her investment after the sale of The Property.
  3. The Investor is NOT a shareholder or a director of The Company and has no shareholder rights and privileges on the shares of The Company.
  4. The Investor has no obligation and/ or authority to influence the decisions and performance of The Company.


  1. BANAYEE HOMES INC. is the operating part of BANYEE HOMES HOLDING INC a construction company with its 4 shareholders/Directors whose main business activity is:
  1. Construction and renovation services for clients, and
  2. Design, get permit (if necessary), schedule, resource, perform the construction and fully manage the construction or renovation process of The Property from inception to completion of the project.


  1. BANAYEE HOMES HOLDING INC. is the holding company, authorized to make decisions on and execute the purchase and sale of The Invested Property.

6. How much is the Investment Amount?

The min amount of investment is Ten Thousand Dollars while there is no max limit on amount of investment.

7. What does BANAYEE HOMES do with my investment?

BANAYEE HOMES may use the invested amount without restriction in purchase, renovation and other relevant expenses particular to the real estate property on which you have invested.

8. How can I pay the investment amount?

The Investor can pay the investment amount via the following methods within two days after signing of An Investment Contract and presents BANAYEE HOMES with proof of payment.

  1. Electronic Fund Transfer to the Company’s bank account.
  2. Cheque to BANAYEE HOES INC.
  3. Bank Transfer to The Company’s Bank Account
  4. Cash Deposited to The Company’s Bank Account

9. What is the duration of investment?

  1. The investment commences and will be effective from the date when the investor signs the Investment Contract with BANAYEE HOMES HOLDING INC. and ends after the sales of The Property.
  2. The Investor under no circumstances can withdraw the investment amount after entering Investment Contract and before sale of The Property.

10. What is profit and loss sharing?

  1. The net profit or net loss is calculated based on the market price of The Property after sale.
  2. The profit or loss = Sales value – Expenses (Fees, Construction Cost, Mortgage, Interest, Operation Cost etc.)
  3. The Investor hereby agrees and understands to bear the net loss or gain the net profit of the investment proportionate to the amount of investment in The Property after the sale of The Property.

11. What Warranties the Investor and The Company are giving each other?

  1. The Investor must the legal right, authority, and power to enter into and perform the obligations agreed upon in the Investment Contract and that the execution of Investment Contract will not be in violation of any law.
  2. The Investor warrants The Company that the investment amount is his own or has the full legal authority to invest in The Property.
  3. The Investor warrants that the investment amount is clear of any tax obligation.
  4. The Company warrants The Investor that is not involved in any litigation, arbitration, or legal proceedings and that there are no existing claims against The Company.

12. How can I get update on the progress of purchase, construction and sales of Property?

  1. BANAYEE HOMES HOLDING INC. shall provide The Investor with all the progress report on the purchase, construction, or renovation of The Property during the renovation/construction process and sale of property.
  2. The Company shall maintain accurate accounting and other financial records including the investment amount, expenses, and profit or loss statements of the project.
  3. The Company shall provide The Investor with all the necessary financial information about the financial transaction particular to The Property during the renovation and/or after the sale of The Property.

13. What information can The Investors obtain?

  1. Can request the final renovation and flipping plan.
  2. Can request information on project work progress.
  3. Can request the profit and loss statements of the project.
  4. Can get their returns after the project closing.

Have more Questions about our investment opportunity?

Banayee Houses

BANAYEE HOMES through its associated Real Estate Agents locates and purchases single-family dwellings in GTA where it is reasonable prices with decent property.

BANAYEE HOMES through its team of the professional construction crew and associates redesign any interior and exterior renovation and remodeling needed and prepares the property to be presented to the Real Estate market.

BANAYEE HOMES resells the property in the Real Estate market for maximum profit to the highest offers.


BANAYEE HOMES is the process of buying homes with the intention to renovate or remodel and put them back on to the market. Flipping property is a rewarding business for those who are looking to get involved in real estate business and market.

At BANAYEE HOMES we understand that Banayee Houses business is an intense process that requires full knowledge of the market, a professional and expert team of renovation and remodeling experts and a strong potential to manage the whole process.


Our team at BANAYEE HOMES analyze the market and the neighborhood to invest within the allocated budget.

In the real estate market, the neighborhoods are categorized in different rankings ranging from A class to C class. The A-neighborhoods have the top of the market homes that are the wealthiest neighborhoods, while B-class neighborhoods are more middle-class families. C-class neighborhoods are typically more working-class, while D-class neighborhoods are for low-income families.


While setting up our budget we consider the following in our budget:
1. General project timeline (start and finish).
2. Project scope as how much are actively, we are planning to invest on purchase and renovation.
3. Quantify the budget


Financing the flip is a crucial part of the process. At BANAYEE HOMES we finance our Banayee Houses Hamilton projects either through our own sources or through our private lenders based on our investment policy. Please download and refer to our investment policy where you can learn how to be a micro or macro investor of BANAYEE HOME’s Banayee Houses Hamilton.


At BANAYEE HOMES, we have our in-house real estate professional that enables us to either independently or coupled with other real estate teams complete the project.


Purchase of the right property is the most crucial part of the whole process. At BANAYEE HOMES, we look for houses that are below the current market value in good neighborhoods where we understand that after the cost of renovation the margins are good enough to pay for its expenses and make a surplus.

Several ways to find the right property:
1. Team up with a realtor to find a suitable home.
2. You might want to attend bank auctions or foreclosure auctions.
3. You can involve and contract the owners of properties directly and try to incentivize them to sell their homes to you.


Being a construction company, at BANAYEE HOMES we have our own team of construction and renovation experts and maintain licensed and professional trades persons including but not limited to electrician, plumber, and HVAC. We always ensure that the project’s timelines are set carefully, labor and material are planned and scheduled right, and the timelines are met.

With our in-house team of Architects, Designers, Structural Engineer, Construction Project Managers, and professional trades, we handle the renovations as such to focus on the spaces that are most important to potential buyers.


Before, we put the property onto the market, at BANAYEE HOMES we hire professional home inspectors to do an inspection and sign off on the project. During the inspection and after staging the property we take property photos, create an online listing, and start hosting viewings.Banayee homes

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