Our Project Management package is a complete turnkey solution to Home Owners with as much involvement from our clients as they desire. Our team ensures that our clients are informed and satisfied with every step of the project from inception to completion.

Project Management

Our projects are our commitments to excellence and our promise to our clients; we take them with pride and complete them on schedule and on budget to lead our clients and us with productivity and profitability. We represent our clients’ best interests. Therefore, we ensure that our design consultants prepare a well-coordinated set of plans, studies, surveys, and zoning reviews for permit application and municipal approval, engage professional and licensed trades through tendering and bidding process, and manage/supervise the construction process on schedule and on budget on behalf of our clients.


Our Pre-Construction Phase includes the following steps:
  1. Clients’ Consultation: We talk to our clients and let them feel supported to know the scope, the vision, the budget and the timeline of their projects. We provide them with expert consultation to add value to their projects and help them make the right decision.
  2. Surveys and Reviews: We conduct our feasibility studies through conducting zoning studies, site surveys including soil tests, and geotechnical studies to ensure our projects are aligned with all the municipal standards and bylaws. The zoning studies and site survey plan is necessary to determine that certain renovation, extension and remodeling of existing houses meet the city standards.
  3. Space Planning and Permit Application: We prepare the conceptual drawing to incorporate our clients’ vision along with our expert design ideas in development of the project. This is the step where we involve our clients the most to turn their excitement and vision for their home to a real plan. After our client signs off the final version of the conceptual drawing, our design team pulls together a set of well-coordinated structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical plans to ensure we meet and exceed municipal standards to obtain the construction permit. We liaise with and pursue all municipal approval bodies on development and construction approvals.
  4. Project and Trades Scoping: After our client interview and Permit Application, we shall fully know the whole scope of the project and will break down the scope to individual trades scope of work to ensure no aspect of the project is forgotten and skip our eyes.
  5. Project Budgeting: Our project budget includes, construction material cost, finishing material cost, machinery, tools and equipment rental, labor and professional trade cost, and project management fees. We estimate the project budget and list the finishing materials in close consultation with our clients to meet their budgetary scope.
  6. Project Planning: Project Plan include the schedule for mobilization of labor and materials, detailed sequence of performing the work, major critical events such as inspection of the work by City construction start and completion dates for all separate portions of work.
  7. Site Supervision and Quality Control Plan: Our projects are our promise to quality and commitment to excellence. Therefore, every of our projects are supervised by an experienced site supervisor who closely supervises the progress and quality of the job. Our Quality Control Team is also monitoring our projects for quality of workmanship and progress.
  8. Contracting: We source our material, machinery, equipment, professional and licensed trade required to perform the project with high level of professionalism and contract them through a transparent bidding and tendering process. We only help our clients purchase the standard material and hire professionals for the project.
project planning
Project Planning

Construction Phase

This is the execution phase where all the planning and preparation during the pre-construction phase will pay off. As the hub of communications for the project, our construction manager and contractors will transition the project into actual construction. If the planning and preconstruction phase is executed diligently and properly, the construction phase will progress smoothly.

We call the role of our professional team in this phase Construction Administration that include the following elements:

  1. Site Preparation: Site Preparation includes securing the site and client’s belongings to ensure the site is ready for construction.
  2. Site Health & Safety Protocols: Our Construction Manager and Site Supervisors ensure the site, workers and anyone visiting the site health and safety through implementing all the OSHA construction site health and safety standards and protocols through workers’ orientation and morning toolbox meetings.
  3. Stakeholder is Coordination: Coordination, communication and responsibility are the core of a successful construction process. Therefore, the project architect, project engineer and professional trades are fully engaged for full construction administration. Their services are actual construction, to perform quality control inspections, respond to Requests for Information (RFIs), review and approve technical submittals and generally ensure that the project is delivered as designed.
  4. Project Monitoring and Quality Control: To manage, monitor and assure quality of our performance during the construction phase, our services includes:
    •  On-site project management through consistently monitoring and advising on progress through a detailed weekly construction report including but not limited to budget, schedule, change requests, tender status, and progress photographs.
    • Oversee quality control through regular site inspections to ensure work complies with Developer requirements, contract documents, project schedule, and quality standards.
    • Monitor the trades’ safety program, ensure trades perform per specifications.
    • Coordinate permits, technical inspections and testing to ensure they are on track.
    • From administering construction contracts, managing the budget and scheduling to certifying contractor progress payments and approving payment requests, our vigilance during construction phase services is essential to keep the project on track.
    • Constant risk management and implementation of mitigation strategies as required.
    • Review all drawings, samples, change requests, site meeting minutes, site inspection reports, and otherwise and note corrections were required for suitability and completeness
Project Planning
Post Construction Phase
When the final construction activity is complete, the project moves to its final phase – closeout, followed by owner occupancy. Our project closing out consist of several tasks including:
  1. We perform our internal Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) to ensure that we identify and correct any deficiency skipped by our eyes during the construction Phase.
  2. We perform our second PDI with our clients and prepare our punch list to ensure the client is fully satisfied with our workmanship and quality of the work. The punch list will be the list of deficiencies the client suggests to be corrected.
  3. We facilitate the final occupancy inspection by the municipal building officials.
  4. The client must also verify that the work conforms to the approved drawings and specifications.
  5. We orient our clients on the new construction and let them know how the building and systems operate by testing systems, submission of all closeout documents such as manuals, warranties, as-built and final accounting.

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