Our Expertise and experience in custom home design and construction, our experienced team with years of successful tenure in construction and our passion to create and renovate space for our clients to call home

House Flipping

Turnkey Solutions

We pride ourselves to take full responsibility to manage and complete any size of projects from inception to completion with no or little involvement of the projects owners. We consider best interest of our clients in undertaking projects through this approach.

Free Financing

Renovation Services

Renovation of your space is an important step and most exciting decision of changing the layout and design of your living space. Therefore, it is very important to have a professional team of expert in renovation, alteration, and interior design professional to perform the job.

Project Management

Project Management

Our Project Management package is a unique approach to our construction and renovation project implementation process. Through this approach, our clients shall have as much involvement as they desire based on their time and resources availability.

Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) Licensed Builder - License Number- B61171



BANAYEE HOMES was established by a group of custom homes and residential construction specialists and operates in the residential construction industry in Ontario. At BANAYEE HOMES we are passionate about creating spaces that inspire and serve our clients in the private sector. Our Services in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Greater Toronto Area Includes Renovation, Property Flipping and Construction Project Management. BANAYEE HOMES specializes in the construction of residential occupancies, especially custom homes across Greater Ontario Area and Golden Horseshoe.

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Investment Opportunities

BANAYEE HOMES through its associated Real Estate Agents locates and purchases single-family dwellings in GTA where it is reasonable prices with decent property. BANAYEE HOMES through its team of the professional construction crew and associates redesign any interior and exterior renovation and remodeling needed and prepares the property to be presented to the Real Estate market.

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Sales and Contracting

Our Sales Teams will be involved from the beginning to the signing of the contract. Contract will be singed between the company and owner of the project. Which will specify duration and participants in the process.

Design and Planning

BANAYEE HOMES dedicates a professional team for each project. Through the process, our professional team creates drawings for your project as per initial interviews; we will work with you to perfectly plan your project. We start with a review of the early phase plans in order to familiarize our team with the minute details that are important to you; our professional team focuses on structural details as per ONTARIO building code for the safety of your family and make sure that those standards are met. Through this process, BANAYEE HOMES professional team will recommend changes that will result in efficiencies, as well as features that we believe will improve the overall quality of your space


After completion of our review, Our Professional Team will provide you with a detailed scope of work and itemized construction budget. in this step our team will work close with you to prepare an accurate budget. This budgeting process will take place 2-3 times through the planning process prior to the start of construction. Our aim is to finish your dream project within the proposed budget and ensure that the proposed budget is precise at this phase. These budgeting milestones normally take place at the point of having preliminary architectural floor plans and elevations, preliminary interior design drawings, and upon the completion of the structural design.


After the project has passed the financial feasibility milestones and it is ready for construction, BANAYEE HOMES starts on-site production. Through the construction process, we provide you with the required details of each milestone of the project such as photos, schedule, and financial updates that keep you up to date with the progress and milestones being achieved for your project. Based on our construction working process we will also invite you to several on-site review meetings in order to confirm details, review changes required if necessary, and ensure that you are in tune with the specifics of the final product we are creating for you.


House Flipping

Pre construction

  • Clients’ Consultation
  • Surveys and Reviews
  • Space Planning and Permit Application
  • Project and Trades Scoping
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Planning
  • Site Supervision and Quality Control Plan
  • Contracting

Free Financing


  • Site Preparation
  • Site Health & Safety Protocols
  • Stakeholders Coordination

Project Management


  • Quality control
  • Internal pre delivery inspection
  • Pre delivery inspection with client
  • closing

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